Benchmark Foam
High-Density EPS

Benchmark Foam’s High-Density EPS expanded polystyrene is ideal for many applications requiring high-strength insulation board.

This quality product is less expensive than alternative forms of rigid insulation, giving you the best value in the industry. It is especially ideal as a thermal barrier for in-floor heating applications and beneath concrete slabs, as well as perimeter insulation and pre-cast concrete walls.

Under-slab Thermal Barrier

Installing Benchmark Foam’s High-Density EPS as a thermal barrier before pouring a concrete slab will reduce heat loss and prevent possible heaving. The additional insulation also makes the home or work area more comfortable.

In-floor Heating

Use Benchmark Foam’s High-Density EPS as a thermal barrier beneath the concrete slab when installing a radiant floor heating system. It will prevent heat loss to the ground and promote even heating where you want it during the heating season. This is especially important in areas with a high water table because water will quickly conduct heat away from a home. The insulation will also block heat from being stored in the ground and then leaching back into the home when you want to keep it cool.

Perimeter Insulation

To prevent heat loss, install Benchmark Foam’s High-Density EPS around the perimeter of a poured concrete or block wall foundation. For shallow foundation designs, Benchmark Foam’s High-Density EPS around the perimeter of a poured concrete slab will prevent frost penetration as well as both normal and tangential frost heaves.

Pre-cast Walls

Because EPS retains a stronger bond with concrete than extruded foams, Benchmark Foam’s High-Density EPS is ideal for pre-cast walls. Benchmark Foam is able to customize panels to your needs –whether your design calls for extra-large panels or special shapes.

Advantages of Benchmark Foam’s High-Density EPS in Your Application

Design Flexibility

When standard shapes and sizes will not work, Benchmark Foam will work directly with contractors or designers to create a product that will conform to customer needs. We are customizing experts.

Cost Efficient

Benchmark Foam’s high-quality EPS is the best value in the industry, giving you the most R-value per dollar spent. For the same cost as you would spend with our competitors, you can add thickness to your EPS insulation and achieve a greater level of thermal protection with Benchmark Foam’s High-Density

Excellent Thermal Performance

The high thermal performance of Benchmark Foam’s High-Density EPS will keep heat where you want it and reduce energy costs.

Effective Concrete Bond

When used in concrete applications – whether under a poured slab or with pre-cast walls – EPS bonds effectively with the concrete to create a durable, fully integrated slab or wall.

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