Benchmark Foam
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

Building with Benchmark Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is a fast, simple, affordable way to offer homeowners better options for home safety, quietness and energy efficiency.

When you choose Benchmark ICF, you receive a superior and versatile product from a Midwestern manufacturer with the only On-Time Guarantee in the industry. Benchmark ICF combines the best in quality, service and value for you and your customers. 

Why build with Benchmark Foam ICF?

Fast and Simple

The interlocking blocks of Benchmark ICF build like no other concrete form, with minimum labor, training and equipment. Less exterior bracing is required, reducing finish time and cost. Exterior and interior finishing steps are also reduced.

Benchmark Foam’s new, exclusive King Corners are a one-piece corner option for use with Benchmark Foam ICF building systems.

Offering all the same properties of a Benchmark ICF block, including the tongue-and-groove interlock and embedded ties 6″ on center, King Corners are available in right or left designs to accommodate all layouts. The left and right versatility also gives builders the option to install blocks staggered or on-bond.

King Corners are 16″ x 2′ x 4′ and ensure strength and durability. The one-piece design includes a heavy duty embedded corner tie made of more plastic than traditional ties to enhance durability of the corner block.

While the traditional molded corners with separate corner ties are still available, the King Corner option is designed to better accommodate every builder’s needs.

Cost Effective

With Benchmark ICF, contractors will reduce jobsite labor and material costs. Homeowners will benefit from lower utility costs.


Benchmark ICF is ideal for any building specifications. From basements to multi-story apartments or single-family homes to warehouses, this system offers a great building technique.

Benchmark ICF is adaptable to special wall shapes, accommodating ornate architectural demands. The high insulating value and thermal barrier enables year-round construction and reduces construction delays due to temperature extremes.

Energy Efficiency

The solid concrete wall construction of Benchmark ICF eliminates drafts associated with framed buildings, achieving energy savings for homeowners.


Benchmark ICFs act as a sound barrier, reducing sound penetration by up to 50 percent.


Buildings constructed with Benchmark ICF are resistant to fire, violent winds and extreme elements. This technique can also be used to build above-grade safe rooms that are resistant to hurricanes and tornados.



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