Benchmark Foam

Cost-saving solutions for interior or exterior applications


  • Cold, uninsulated concrete walls
  • Concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls
  • Residential basements
  • Commercial/Industrial building CMU above-grade walls


  • Manufactured with expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • Available in 1½”, 2” or custom thicknesses and
  •  4’x 8’ or 2’x 8’ sheets
  • 1”x 2” solid wood firring strips embedded 16” or 24” on center


  •  Interior: Firring strips are used to attach PreFirred to concrete, then used again to attach interior finishes, such as gypsum board or other code-compliant products
  • Exterior: Firring strips are used to attach PreFirred to CMU walls, then used again to attach siding


  • No need for framing studs
  • Quickly pays for itself in energy savings
  • 1½” thick sheets provide stable R-6 level of insulation;
  • 2” thick sheets provide R-8
  • Prevents air infiltration
  • Continuous insulation eliminates thermo shorts
  • EPS is resistant to mold
  • EPS is recyclable and environmentally responsible

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