Benchmark Foam

In recent decades, manufacturers have found exciting new uses for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Today, EPS is known as a lightweight, versatile and economical material that can be tailored to meet changing and complex requirements. Benchmark Foam offers a wide array of products to meet your project needs. To learn more, click on the below links:

  • Custom Molded Packaging including molded and fabricated packaging, flexible foams, wraps, packing peanuts, custom-molded and flotation products
  • Dock Floats used to build durable floating docks or platforms
  • eps360® a 100% recycled insulation product suitable for many traditional construction
  • eps-lite (EPS foam rigid board insulation)
  • Geofoam a super lightweight fill material for geotechnical engineering and green-building applications
  • Gorilla Buck insulated window and door bucks for ICF construction
  • High-Density EPS for high strength insulation board applications such as sub-slab for in-floor heat, perimeter insulation and pre-cast
  • Knockdown Coolers consisting of six panel box liners for any insulating box need. Request the custom size and thickness you require
  • LITE-DECK® and LITE-DECK Tilt lightweight, stay-in-place forms that provide structural strength for site-cast or pre-cast concrete floors, roofs, decks and walls
  • Pitching Mounds that easily turn a softball field into a baseball diamond
  • PreFirred insulation for finishing basements, concrete walls and concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls
  • Signs By Benchmark (a division of Benchmark Foam, Inc.) creating custom-manufactured exterior and interior signs and components
  • Stoop Fill, a super lightweight fill material that is simply placed and backfilled before pouring the concrete slab
  • ThermoSkirt as insulating skirting for modular or site-built homes

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