Benchmark Foam

LITE-DECK® is the affordable alternative to pre-cast, steel or engineered wood decking/flooring applications. The insulated stay-in-place form for reinforced concrete floors, decks or roofs can clear spans 40 feet or more.

Custom-built to your specifications, the LITE-DECK® system uses the principles of reinforced concrete joists to provide load-bearing strengths. Please contact us for additional designing and engineering information.

Installation Process:

1. Place Concrete forms and rebar as required (pictured In-Floor heating system is optional).

2. Pour Concrete.

3. Remove bracing (shoring) and finish bottom side with drywall.

The LITE-DECK® Tilt system enables wall and roof panels to be cast on site, eliminating freight costs associated with conventional pre-cast while allowing the use of local suppliers.

The Tilt panels are cast on beds of expanded polystyrene (EPS). The EPS beds are profile cut to form a structural concrete beam in the panel and to insert an attachment rail for interior finishing.

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